Hand of Faerun

Enter the Ramparts

Chapter 2


Previously on Dungeons and Dragons…

Last time our adventurers found themselves at the entrance to the Ramparts. This is where they encountered a halfling who they later found out was lying. The halfing transformed into a wererate and attacked the party. After the wererat and his friends were killed the party explored the ramparts going up and down the spiral staircase. On the top floor they met a half-elf who had lost his party. The adventurers believed him to be lying but once they found out he was not, they decided to leave him alone. After another encounter with Wererats, Tetta contracted Filth Fever. The exact effects of the disease are unknown at this time and the party is not sure if they can even heal her.

The adventurers soon discover an alarm bell connecting to a room across the hall. They make a plan to ring the bell while outside the room to trick the enemies into coming out. Once they ring the bell, two spitting drakes blast out followed by 2 humans and a wererat. The party captures one of the human guards and gets him to answer a few questions. He tells them that his leader is Thoran and he is trying to collect Alabaster pillars. The pillars are supposed to trap Lady Salarel so he can use her infinitely. Tetta decides to kill him right before Cass was about to get more information.

The party decides to rest at the monastery since the last battle was very taxing.



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