Hand of Faerun

Night of the Oni

Chapter 6



Mindflayer Owned

Magic Chests

Scepter of Arcane Winter

From the Diary of Dorum Deadbeard…

No Peaking! Keep Out! <3 Firebeard

23 Elesias, 1479 DR (Year of the Ageless One)

The entrance to a new section of this underground maze was covered in rubble. Tetta’s keen eyes spotted the tracks of a large beast, one worthy enough it seems to send me to my lord, Kelimvor for judgment. I pray my companions are equally ready for the next life.

We soon come upon a good sized room, good enough to rest my weary beard and body… if it were not for the large spiders and Ettercaps waiting for us in ambush. Luckily The Hand had our wits about us and we kept the beginning skirmish at the door, preventing them from swarming us. Unfortunately when we went to finish them off the clever Ettercaps sprung their trap and called in reinforcements at their rear. The battle was fought hard, and the Hand stood victor over yet another foe. We helped ourselves to their loot, six crates that could only be filled the brim with the treasure of a dozen gods, only to find blood, poison and slime. Damn monsters.

Being covered in the muck of a mindless creature seemed to hurt our moral minimally and we continued deeper into the bowels of this dungeon, to see what fate had in store for us next.

As it would happen, it would be a room filled with an odd arrangement of candles and chests. Obviously some ritual was in the works, and I dared not face powerful arcanes without consorting amongst my allies. Even our most ingenious of detection methods found no sort of spell work at play. Still too cautious to deal with this madman’s hook, I treaded past and the vision of some sort of ghost appeared before me. He was tall and had the face of a squid-man. He strode forward to the only closed chest in the room, attempted to open it and was melted like a snowfield before a molten stream. After the vision passed, we examined the chest to find that it was a puzzle. Luckily we had almost all but a few pieces to open it. With that we moved through the room to the next set of staircases, and up up we went.

Up above on the next floor stood a grand hall with impressive chandeliers. A group of gnomes and small creatures feasted merrily, and were not pleased by our intrusion. They were no match for us, of course. Upon the bodies we found the final pieces to the locked chest below. Tetta took the lot and opened the chest, boldly picking the right direction for the trick lock and avoiding the same fate of the squid-man. Inside was a mighty treasure, a powerful wand that Ms. Winchester was more then pleased to collect for herself.

As Kelimvor would judge, our hardest battle lay even further above us. On our way up the staircase we heard the whimpers of a young prisoner, fearful of another round of torture. He was overjoyed to see that it was not his captures. Although weary of the truthfulness of his story, Tetta’s ever-clear insight found no lie amongst his words, and I promptly ripped him fear of his bonds.

Unfortunately for us, that’s when the demon laughed, his dark laugh, and transformed into a terribly large Oni! Before we could even react the demon charmed all of us, except Cass, the only one with the Will to withstand his mental attack. The God of Luck would have it that only Firebeard fell before the Oni into a powerful sleep, and not the whole of us, to have our dreams consumed and our nightmares made flesh.

Although a beard down, we did not faultier in slaying the demon like the many before it, and the many to soon come. We rested our weary bodies and beards, and thankfully Firebeard awoke with little damage to his mind.



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