Hand of Faerun

The Catacombs

Chapter 4

Wererat shooting Ice Rays


Boneshard Skeletons Photobucket


Previously on Dungeons and Dragons…

After resting in the Monastery, Tetta and Deadbeard are finally healed from the fever by Firebeard. The adventurers return to the Ramparts where they discover a room full of small Wererats led by a big one. The big wererat carried a magical dagger that could shoot ice rays. The party quickly took care of these guys and finally left the ramparts.

From there they enter the underground parts of Spellgard. The Catacombs are in ruins and are infested with Undead. The heroes find out that fact almost immediately when they find a boneshard skeleton. Before they can engage him, two shadowhunter bats surprise the characters from above. Deadbeard attacks the skeleton while the rest attack the bats. As the skeleton dies, it shoots shards of bone missing all the heroes in its blast. The bats pose no threat to the adventurers and they are easily taken down.

The adventurers have gotten a small taste of the undead and there is no doubt that the Catacombs will offer more.



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