Hand of Faerun

The Fever Spreads

Chapter 3

Goblin Hexer




Previously on Dungeons and Dragons…

The PCs awaken during the middle of the night to horrifying screams. The adventurers follow the screaming and discover Brother Turngall has night terrors. Turngall says he has dreams of Wererats tearing him apart. Deadbeard decides to patrol until dawn while Cass probed Turngall for more information. Firebeard tries to cure Tetta’s Filth Fever but he is only able to stablize her.

The party decides to return to the Ramparts to explore and find Lady Salarel. As they delve deeper into the ramparts they encounter a wererat leading a few grave hounds. The party quickly decimates them all and continues on. They climb down the spiral staircase and come to a Kennel that houses four gray wolves that have not eaten in a long time. The wolves are chained to the wall and instead of leaving them, the PCs decided to slaughter them. The adventurers soon find more wererats and an even tougher opponent, a goblin hexer. The hexer sets up a vexing cloud which makes it hard for the party to see him and his allies. He also uses a blinding hex against Deadbeard multiple times, keeping him from seeing anyone. Deadbeard gets bitten by a wererat, contracting filth fever.

The last battle of the night saw the party against three iron defenders and another hexer. Tetta accidently steps onto a pressure plate activating a dart thrower trap. Cass decides to try and disable the trap while everyone else focuses on the enemies. She finally disables the trap but only after all the enemies were killed.



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