Hand of Faerun

The Lady awaits...

Chapter 7


From the Diary of Dorum Deadbeard…

24 Elesias, 1479 DR (Year of the Ageless One)

Again we ascended the tower. The stairs were tight and intricate like the longest braid on an elder Deadbeard. With each step I can hear metal clinks, I know the scales are being set. Judgment is coming, maybe for all of us. Or perhaps my armor just needs adjusting.

As my foot came upon a landing, Cass’s torch went out. Laughter erupted around us, and I knew it wasn’t coming from my beard or Thorgar’s, and that worried me. I lit a sunrod to poke around in my braids and solve this mystery. That’s when I saw them, Dark Creepers surrounding us, but only for a moment for darkness consumed my rod and the room as it had Cass’s melodramatic bass rifts at the last inn we stayed at. Also that torch she had just been holding.

“There is dark magic afoot!” grunted Tetta.

“Not just dark magic DARK CREEPERS! TIS Ah’ TRAP!” I roared.

Several of us were then pierced with a sharp pain.


“I hear them over there.” Cass yelped.

“Where are you pointing?” asked Thorgar. “My beard is out.”

Luckily for us, The Great One judged this fight unfair and balanced the scales. My sunrod flared up, enough to push the shadows away a peg, and for us to see our attackers. Cunning creatures they were but we mercilessly delivered of them to the next world. But the battle was no bearded picnic, for we all spent most of the fight in the dark. I have begun to worry about Tetta and Firebeards contributions to the group because I didn’t see them do anything the whole battle while I was blinded. Thank the gods that we had Cass with her rifts of war, and her lyrics of courage. She personally face melted all of our enemies into the next world to be judged by my master. Cass’s beautiful performance could not have been contrasted more by all the blood Tetta, Firebeard and I got on her clothes and open wounds. That girl is never going to Impress Captain Scionas with us around.

At the summit of the Tower stood Thoron in the midst of some ritual. It was probably to get some hair on that bald chin, by the look of it. I would do anything to prevent this miracle from being interrupted, unfortunately for him and my now unblind eyes, it was to summon the Lady Salarel.

Thoron’s protector must have been the King of all Creepers. Amazingly he stood taller then me and wielded an impressive scythe. The King had two lesser of his kind with him, but they were like a human mustache, weak and well, creepy. Now I understand the name of those monsters.

The fight would have been much more glorious if Tetta had not almost killed Thoron in one colossal strike. The pitiful human already had to hide his shameful beardless face in a cloak of shadow. I looked upon him and his companions like Kelimvor looks upon all those found guilty and now it was time to hand out his judgement. Every time they moved, there I was with my hammer like my Lord’s gavel, striking them down!

In the midst of the battle the Human with the big book, shadow cloak, shadow sword, and invisible beard began to summon the Lady Salarel from the great beyond. But before the weak Thoron could ask his question of how even one as low as he could grow a beard, Tetta had struck him down and the battle was over.

I used my incredible strength given to me by my Lord to knock down the pillars of alabaster holding the dead ghost lady prisoner. Cass too seemed almost as impressed as the ghost woman was of my heroic strength. So happy was the Lady Salarel at me granting her freedom that she answered our quest of the location of the Dragon Egg. She spoke quite frankly:

“It could only be in the Labyrinth of the Minotaurs.”

This concluded the Hand of Faerun’s Incredible and Heroic Adventure in the Scepter Tower of the Spellguard.

Oh, and Brother Turngall hung himself.


Bless the bearded gods! ‘Tis a wondrous tale! One could only hope for a lifetime of tales such as these…

The Lady awaits...

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