Hand of Faerun

The Start of the Hand

Chapter 1

Previously on Dungeons and Dragons…

Our adventurers found themselves in the Gentle Mermaid drinking a few beers. Soon they were given a message that Loranthal Scionas requested their presence. The adventures traveled to the military hall of Waterdeep to meet the Lord Captain of the Hand. Before they entered they learned that Scionas is a man that needs to be saluted always. Upon entering Sciona’s chambers, the PCs see Scionas hovering over a table looking at battle maps. Scionas then tells them that a prophecy has come to light about a dragon being reborn. The PCs must travel to Spellgard to find the Lady Salarel, who will answer one question. Scionas orders the PCs to ask the lady where the egg will be found. The PCs leave Waterdeep and travel to Loudwater which is very close to Spellgard Keep.

After failing a few times to gather information they finally find answers at the Green Tankard Tavern and the Temple of Silvanus. With their new information the PCs set out to the keep. They encounter the Bleeding Wall, which was a wall that literally oozes blood. Then the PCs are ambushed by a group of Kobolds. After dispatching them, the PCs make it to the Monastery where they meet a monk and a Dwarf. They don’t help the PCs much in the way of information but the monk provides them a place to sleep. After waking up the PCs make their way to the ramparts where they encounter an Alabaster pillar surrounded by an arbalester and a couple homunculi. The PCs take down the enemys but now without a few wounds.



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