Hand of Faerun

Troubled Waters

Chapter 5

Warhammer of Faith


Tetta charging a Skeleton


Deadbeard Domination


Life Drain


Previously on Dungeons and Dragons:

Our heroes find themselves in a canal which they have to swim in to get to the other side of the hallway. Cass and Deadbeard have no problem getting to the otherside while Tetta and Firebeard sink to the bottom almost immediately. Cass throws Deadbeard the rope and he swims back to them. Firebeard is able to swim back using the taut rope while Deadbeard helps Tetta swim to the other side. What should have been a nice swim in calm water turned into a deadly encounter.

After the swim, the heroes soon come to a T intersection and they decide to go left. This brings them to a huge chamber filled with stone slabs. The slabs have grooves in them to collect blood which are stored in urns. Across the room , there is a wooden throne seated upon a pile of coffins. Sitting there acting bored is a vampire priest. The vampire turns to mist and teleports to the adventurers. The vampire continually dominates Deadbeard to force him to attack his allies. He then uses life drain on Deadbeard to gain health back. After a very long battle, the vampire vanishes in a mist swearing that its not over yet. Firebeard picks up his lifedrinker mace to replace his warhammer.

The adventures go back to the T intersection and go in the opposite direction this time. This brings them to a room filled with bones. There was once a great battle here with deaths on both sides. Deadbeard triggers a pressure plate revealing grates by the ceiling. Water starts rushing in as Skeletons start to rise. The party takes care of the skeletons quickly before the water can fill the room. The party has to break down the door which take many tries by Deadbeard. Once past the door, the heroes come to a long hallway leading to a huge door which marks the entrance to the tower of Sceptergard.



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