Tetta van Klee

A devout Avenger of the Red Knight seeking her family's approval and the approval of her peers.


My role as an Avenger is to strike hard and strike fast swearing to my god to bring my enemies down before they have a chance to retaliate.

Str 8 / Con 11 / Dex 10 / Int 14 / Wis 20 / Cha 10

HP 40

AC 17/ Fort 14/ Ref 16/ Will 19/ Resistances +5 Fire

Initiative 1 Speed 6

Proficient Skills

Dungoneering +6 / Heal +6 / Insight +6 / Intimidate +6 / Perception +11 / Religion +8 / Stealth +6 / Streetwise +6

Proficient Languages

Common / Goblin

Special Items

CINDER BANDAGES (Cloth of Resistance) +1 / CRIMSON CLOAK (Amulet of Protection) +1 / SACRED (Subtle Executioners Axe) +1


Tetta van Klee heralds from a long line of high ranking officers, her family has strong ties with the temple of tempus, some of which have served in the Order of the Steel Fang. Tetta honors Tempus as her primary patron deity but she believes in the dogmas of his servitor the Red Knight. Like most fathers, Tetta’s has sent her away as an adventurer in hopes of keeping her away from the slaughter of warfare. Because of this Tetta constantly wishes she was born a man, however this just makes her work harder for her fathers acceptance and hopefully her rise to the head of the House of van Klee.

The van Klee house is known very well throughout the land of faerun, and her father has many strong ties including ties within the Hand of Faerun. Tetta’s father thought this would be best for her, to keep her traveling and away from the her home land of Impiltur.

The van Klee house is very strict in its upbringings and over bearing personalities, to speak when spoken to, to honor thy mother and father and most importantly to keep the name of van Klee Clean and Just. This has made Tetta a reserved woman with a strong sense of duty she has few words yet these words are often sharp, like her blade.

Lastly before leaving the main House of van Klee, her father gave her an axe. An axe with which to rend her foes and cut a path to righteousness for her family’s name. This axe is called Sacred.

Tetta van Klee

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