Cass Winchester

A rockstar bard who lives for the thrill of battle


Sorry mates, no power-gaming here. Cass carries a wand, a couple of daggers to twin strike your arse, and a sexy lyre to lull you into a drunken delight. Her powers include titles such as “Sexual Healing” (Majestic Word), “Danger Zone” (Concerted Effort), “What a Fool Believes” (Stirring Shout), and “1812 Overture” (Shout of Triumph). Cass has a British accent and a feverish love of music, battle, and good-looking men.


Born to instrument-makers in Luruar, Cass was always expected to take over the family business. At the tender age of 15 she left home in search of bigger things and was able to support herself at the University by doing tavern gigs with her flatmates, Syrus and Jinx. Cass majored in magic, but found that it tended to only manifest itself fully during tavern shows. Her band, The Numbers, gained popularity unnaturally fast and went on many Faerunwide tours (Cass suspected it was the magic). During a hometown show in Luruar, a fire was caused that spread to the university and burnt it to a cinder. Cass was furious, as the university was her first love, and vowed to dispense justice to the group responsible. With Syrus and Jinx dismissing it as the fault of a disgruntled fan, the band parted ways and Cass joined the Hand of Faerun in hopes of picking up a trail…

Sodding original name: Melody Winchester

Cass Winchester

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